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Beer Saves The World!

Beer - The Worlds Hero! It's true!  Beer saved the world!  There is an amazing documentary out right now about how Beer Saved The World.&nb...

Smoked Porter

Where there is smoke, there is... more smoke? We wanted to brew up a porter, and we wanted to try something smokey. Those were the two original ide...

Spotted Cow Clone

Since when do cows produce beer? Ever since New Glarus came up with this awesome creamy beer that has a great bite and flavor to it! This was my ta...

Holiday Porter - Revealed!

The results are in... ...and this was a success!  I was really excited to try this one because it smelled so good getting brewed up; it tastes e...

Janahead IPA - Head Brewery

Balanced Hoppy Goodness If you're looking for an amazingly crafted IPA that has all the flavor you would expect from a craft brewery - Janahead has i...

Brew Weekend For Friends

Rise & Shine Brewers! We've got some friends coming to visit sooner rather than later (which is always a great thing!). In order to celebrate their ...

Holiday Porter

The holidays are fast approaching... And when it comes to beer - being ahead of the game is key. You have to be brewing a few holidays ahead and that...

Jack Porter - Head Brewery

Smooth And Punchy! We've been talking a lot with the master brewer over over Head Brewery, trying to figure out how he continues to pump out such gre...

Dragon's Milk

Dark and mysterious, like a dragon! I imagine that if dragons were real that they'd be as dark and mysterious as books portray them. If that was th...

Midwest Brewers Fest

Great beer, good people and a lot of fun! The first annual Midwest Brewers Fest made a name for itself in Plainfield Illinois this past weekend. Ea...

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  • Smoked Porter

  • Spotted Cow Clone

  • Holiday Porter - Revealed!

  • Janahead IPA - Head Brewery

  • Brew Weekend For Friends

  • Holiday Porter

  • Jack Porter - Head Brewery

  • Dragon's Milk

  • Midwest Brewers Fest


Brew Weekend For Friends

A brewers breakfast!Rise & Shine Brewers!

We've got some friends coming to visit sooner rather than later (which is always a great thing!). In order to celebrate their arrival we've been working on brewing up a few different options for them while they stay with us for the weekend (we'll be attending comicon in Chicago!). Our first offering got brewed up today - it's a Spotted Cow Clone with some tweaks here and there to get a flavor we really, really enjoy.

Our plan is to brew up 2 - possibly 3 brews so that we've got a nice selection for our visiting friends (4 kegs worth). We were thinking of doing something like this:

  • Spotted Cow Clone

This is the exact recipe I used when making my Hoppily-Ever-After I-Do Ale for my wedding. It was a huge hit, largely because of it's great smooth flavor (Cream Ale) and pure drinkability. Everyone liked it - from the beer snobs to the bud-light crowd. This is a must! We brewed this up just today (7/6) and while I was brewing - my teammate, best friend, wife, SWMBO - whatever you want to call her - was kind enough to bring me a big ole skillet for breakfast! It was delicious and if the numbers are any indication - this brew will be as well! It was a warm day, but a great day for brewing and having some homebrew ourselves.

Notes Head Brewery is constantly pushing the envelope with their brews. Their small batches get split up even smaller so they can play with different yeasts and different adjuncts in the secondary. Their master brewer is always trying something new!
  • Imperial Agave Stout

This is a new recipe that we've been experimenting with. Neighbors and friends seem to find it to be quite delicious. The Agave gives it a 'sweetness' up front that melts into the chocolatey notes. Keep posted - we'll be putting up the recipe and a review of it here soon.

  • Hop Devil Clone

We made this a while back and the keg went dry - fast! It was delicious to say the least - we made an oaked variety and an un-oaked version. The oaked version was very limited in supply but was met with mediocre results, while the un-oaked version was met with much higher praise. We'll probably attempt oaking again at some point, but for this one we're going to keep it simple!

  • Zombie Dust Clone

The head brewer over at Head Brewery was kind enough to give us a great Zombie Dust Clone recipe that is nothing short of extraordinary. We've sampled it over at his brewery and it had such an amazing flavor we can't wait to brew it up here in house.

If any of you will be at the comiccon in Chicago around August 9th-12th, let us know! We'd love to meet up, talk beer and check out comics (and the super hot scantily clad cosplay girls!) We'll be writing up various reviews about our brew days and about how they turn out in the future, stay tuned!

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