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Dragon's Milk

NewHolland Dragons Milk Image Dark and mysterious, like a dragon!

This beer pours a very dark brown-black with a half inch khaki head that has very tight bubbles and that fall to a lace. That lacing is 'alright', but nothing I'd consider a strong lacing that lasts.

Perhaps it has been the various batches I've had over the years or perhaps it has been my ever evolving tastebuds seeking out different flavors, but for the many times I have drank Dragon's Milk, every time has been a completely unique experience. No two have ever been the same. Good, bad or otherwise I always find myself picking up a bottle of this when I see it.

Notes This beer was originally purchased for me as a gift by a friend because they knew I liked reading fantasy novels on occasion and this bottle 'had a sweet dragon on it'.

More often than not there is a strong alcohol punch to this beer - which is probably it's most unpleasant characteristic. The alcohol is pretty prevalent in the nose, as well as in the first taste. I have had occasional bottles where this was not as prevalent however which leads me to believe that the batches can vary pretty significantly depending on when it was brewed and how long it's conditioned. The bourbon definitely makes itself known. Despite the alcohol punch, there is a lot of flavor that comes along with this beer.

Roasty, dark chocolates and vanilla help to relax your tastebuds after the initial assault of bourbon and oak hit. Then the flavor relaxes even more and leaves you with an almost slightly citrusy blend to savor. There is a lot going on in this "American Stout" that rings in around 10% ABV; both color-wise and flavor-wise. I am slightly tempted to say this is almost leaning into "Strong Ale" territory, but I'm still mostly convinced it is true to the style of American Stouts.

It's an excellent brew for once in a while and is definitely not a session beer by any means. It packs a punch and will leave you calling your significant other to come pick you up if you have the chance to taste this on-tap at your favorite pub. The flavor is worth the price however, it's a really unique beer that has so much character you absolutely must give it a try.

Things I liked about this beer:

  • Great Dark Color
  • Chocolate Flavors
  • Vanilla Flavors
  • Bourbon

Things I disliked about this beer:

  • Strong Alcohol Hit
  • Weak Lacing

This is definitely a beer that you grow to appreciate. If you're just getting into beer drinking? You may like it if you're into stronger, darker beers that pack a wollup. If you dig bourbon? Then it's probably even more up your alley! But if you're new to beer or prefer things typically on the lighter side of the color scale you may want to steer clear of this one.

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You can read a bit more about Dragon's Milk on Beer Advocate

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