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Smoked Porter

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Janahead IPA - Head Brewery

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Holiday Porter

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Janahead IPA - Head Brewery

Janahead IPA - Head BreweryBalanced Hoppy Goodness

Weighing in at 5.9% this IPA is amazingly smooth. The 'punch' you expect from a typical IPA is there but the great mouthfeel really gives way to a smooth drinking amazingly flavored beer with that great floral aroma every hop-head loves!

In the aroma department we would have liked a little more - the aroma is there, but it is not quite as up front and pungent as other IPA's you probably have had. Again, I think this gives way to the real balance of this beer. The aroma gives almost a perfect representation of what you can expect when you drink it and it is just present enough to give you that full flavor when you finally take a drink.

Notes This beer is crafted in small batches by Head Brewery right out of the brewers garage - he brews so often and so much that on any given weekend if you swing by you can spend all day sampling his various flavors of previously crafted brews!

The appearance of this beer is pretty true to style, but is a little on the darker side than others. The color is just a touch cloudy (actually clearer than most homebrew I tend to drink), and there is ample head. The head hangs around for a long time with great lacing and a nice solid texture - sticking around until the glass is empty!

"But how is the flavor?" Put simply, it's great! If you're looking for an IPA with a hop smash to wipe your palate out like a nuclear bomb, this isn't going to be the beer for you. By the contrary if you are looking for a light beer with a nice hop forward profile, this also is not going to be for you. Janahead IPA falls right in the middle; it has a safe mix of hop forward flavors with a great taste to them while packing a small but delicious punch. The flavors you will find here fit very close to style guidelines with plenty of hops to keep the hopheads happy but a really balanced backbone of malt to keep everyone drinking it. I noticed the aftertaste really hung around as well, which seems to make this beer great for just sipping (if that's possible with something so delicious), although there did seem to be a slight alcohol flavor in the aftertaste which seemed to fade quickly.

The mouthfeel was something I was truly surprised about. While occasionally I really enjoy a nice dark, meaty beer that leaves me feeling like I've had a meal - I felt that the Janahead IPA had a great mouthfeel without being too watery or overpowered. Again, the balance here is what really struck me - it was a great balance of all the pieces of the puzzle falling into place to give it the characteristics of a really solid, enjoyable IPA.

Things I liked about this beer:

  • Really balanced but flavorful
  • Floral/citrus aroma is not overpowering
  • Very smooth
  • Great lingering aftertaste
  • Balanced mouthfeel

Things I disliked about this beer:

  • Not enough initial 'bite'
  • A touch of alcohol in the aftertaste

This is not a beer that 'grows on you', or one that takes a few to really appreciate. Janahead IPA by Head Brewery is wonderfully crafted, very balanced and a joy to drink for hop-lovers everywhere. If you find yourself in the area of Addison, Illinois and are near Head Brewery - ask for a bottle of Janahead (if it's available) - you will not be disappointed.

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