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Smoked Porter

Byte Brewery Smoked Porter Image Where there is smoke, there is... more smoke?

This beer was a fun creation that we decided to give a shot on a whim. I've enjoyed smokey beers in the past but felt that the smoke always seemed more like an 'afterthought' than a primary player in the beer. We wanted to try and change that.

The brewing of this beer made for some great aromas that had us excited to get into a fermenter and even more excited when we got the chance to bottle it up! The weeks of waiting for the bottles to condition paid off the first time we got to crack open a bottle of this delicious brew.

Notes The goal of this beer was to use smoke as the dominating primary flavor.

We wanted a dominating smokey flavor and that's exactly what we got! It has a load of mouthfeel as you might expect from a dark porter but the smoke flavor was absolutely wicked! It hits you right on the nose and your first sip you feel as if you're standing beside a giant smoker. When first opened it had just finished conditioning in the bottles, the longer we've waited the better it's gotten. The smoke has mellowed with age allowing the other aspects of the beer to fall into place giving it a great all around mesh of flavor and aroma.

The smoke is still very prevalent but it doesn't hammer you and keep hammering you; quite the opposite in fact. You get a healthy dose of smoke up front which gives way to a nice roasty flavor that lingers on your tongue. We have been asked by a couple people if we plan to put this into competition because as it's getting older, the flavor is just getting more and more on point. While we probably won't put this one into a competition, we do plan on brewing it up again!

Things I liked about this beer:

  • Smoke Aroma
  • Strong Smoke Flavor
  • Roasty Flavor Lingers

Things I disliked about this beer:

  • Overpowering Smokey At First
  • Lack Of Additional Flavor

This is more than just a 'one off' brew. While we may not brew something so over-the-top smokey in the future, we all agreed that the outcome of this brew was something that sould be refined. It has a lot of potential to become something that really articulates what a great smoked beer should taste like without making the smoke flavor just something that was a fleeting flavor.

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